Music Production, Podcast Production and Consulting with Producer Darren Clarke.

Clarke Lane Music is Producer / Guitarist & Song Writer Darren Clarke and his wife Jessie (Lane) Clarke (also a Song Writer & Singer). Though born and raised in England, the Clarkes just moved from their home in California to Nashville TN.

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    Producer Darren Clarke re-locates to Music City

    Update Summer 2016: Producer Darren Clarke has moved Clarke Lane Music to Nashville TN. A huge move for us but with our clients located all around the country these days, it makes sense to be located in Music City –  a hub of some of the w » more

    Update on Clarke Lane Studios

    UPDATE: In 2015 PG&E bought the building we built our studio in, and required it be emptied out! So after 12 years in that space we have liquidized everything we could to pay off the business loan we took out to build the studio. We didn’t see » more

    We’ve moved! Changes at Clarke Lane Music

    So.. after 12 years in our beloved studio we were handed 90 day notice this Spring. So that was a curve ball. We haven’t quite ‘landed’ yet in a permanent home, but you can still hire Darren to produce custom music or podcast episo » more

    Loving Cheyenne’s newer songs & our Videos

    Producer Darren Clarke has been working with Cheyenne McDonald (now 18) for a few years now. Here’s one of his faves from the upcoming CD release this summer, which will be her second record with him. This is also a great example of the kind of » more

    Producing a Record in the UK

    Pretty excited to be heading back to our mother land this Spring to produce a record for Vineyard Records UK. Darren will be working in their studio but still in his element, strengthening songs, arranging and recording with a band by the name of TRE » more

    Newtie Award

    NTMA 2013

    A song Darren co-wrote and produced called, ‘Catskills’ has won an award in the New Times Music Awards! He wrote the song with Cheyenne McDonald and friend Nick Bilich. We’ll let you know what the award is when we find out at SLO Brew on Au » more

    Boogie Woogie Pianist hires Clarke Lane Music

    Connecticut Boogie Woogie Pianist Rob Perkin has hired us for a mammoth 25 song project, with the goal of putting his musical legacy ‘to tape’. We will produce this double record, writing, performing and recording guitars, bass and drums » more

    One of our songs on NBC

    We’re stoked to hear that thanks to our friends at Cat Beach Music, one of the songs we wrote (Your Love Endures) is getting a little air play on NBC’s new show ‘And the Winner is‘. The clip is taken from Samuel Lane’s r » more